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The Keys Guild was created to bridge the gap between individuals with unwanted items in their homes and the experts who can sell them at their highest value. As a founding member of the Keys Guild and a Collectibles Advisor, I am passionate about helping clients earn the money that their collectibles are worth!

“I can’t donate this. It might be worth something!”– In helping people with the items in their home, I hear this all the time.

Why Work With Me?

What You Get When You Work With Me:

If you want to earn the money your collectibles are worth & gain the peace of mind that comes with a trustworthy source, then you should be working with me. I can help you find out what they are worth, who will buy them, and help you feel secure that you are getting the highest price. I will either buy your items outright, take them on consignment, connect you with an auction house / buyer, or more commonly, a combination of these three.
  • A chance to turn your “stuff” into money and earn what your objects are worth – Time saved! Eliminate endless hours of research and legwork by going straight to the correct source
  • A feeling of confidence that you aren’t donating something that is valuable
  • The assurance that you are working with someone who has your best interests in mind and is trustworthy
  • Access to The Keys Guild network of experts. I cannot be an expert in all the different categories. But I do have access to the global experts, auction houses, art dealers, jewelry wholesalers, galleries, and collectors that the public does not.

Watch my interview on Win Win Women discussing "Trash or Treasure:  What's My Stuff Worth?"

“I feel so much better about letting this go.”

What Clients Are Saying?

“I feel embarrassed not knowing where to go or how to find out if this is valuable.”
“I would have done this sooner if I knew what it was worth!”
“I’m so glad I did this BEFORE I moved!”
“This is fun! I feel like I’m at an Antiques Roadshow!”
“I was so overwhelmed before working with you!”

Please let me help you get started!

  1. Complete the online Client Intake Form to get started with a free phone consultation.

  2. Complete your online Scorecard to get started on organizing your office.

  3. Email to ask a question.

  4. Learn more about how working with a collectibles advisor with The Keys Guild can benefit you

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