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Are you a small business or individual who is looking for less clutter and more organization in your office space or finances?


  • We offer office organizing services for individuals and offices!
  • Organizing home and business offices

  • Decluttering assistance – including hoarding situations

  • Life coaching focused on organization and productivity

  • Financial organization

  • Setting up effective filing system where you can find anything in seconds

  • 8 Hour Miracle™: I come into any office of any size and organize/declutter for 8 hours (hours can be broken up however you prefer). 

  • A variety of virtual courses with virtual coaching tailored to meet your needs and budget 

Your first step is to take The Productive Environment Scorecard™ for Individuals and Organizations.  
Find out how conducive your office environment is to productivity by clicking the box below to take our quiz.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” It’s so true! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed, it’s time to get your paper mess under control.

The thing is, most people don’t know how to start decluttering their lives. They try to go at it alone and end up frustrated and overwhelmed. Or they set up complicated systems that they won’t maintain.

Your first step is to find out conducive your office environment is to productivity by completing The Productive Environment Scorecard.  Click on the box above to get started.

Click Below to Explore Office Transformations™ via Our Team at the Productive Environment Institute


Please let me help you get started!

  1. Complete the online Client Intake Form to get started with a free phone consultation.

  2. Complete your online Scorecard to get started on organizing your office.

  3. Email to ask a question.

  4. Learn more about how working with a collectibles advisor with The Keys Guild can benefit you

  5. Check out our ideas on Pinterest.

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