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Are you feeling overwhelmed with clutter in your home but aren't sure where to start?

The following Home Organizing Services are designed to help!

  • Organizing interior spaces in your home and also attics, garages, and porches

  • Decluttering assistance – including hoarding situations

  • Redesign of storage areas in the home including closet designs

  • Move Management – reducing the stress of moving and downsizing

  •  Life coaching focused on organization and productivity

  • Consulting on remodeling and new home construction plans from an organizing perspective

  • Organizing home offices and setting up effective file system where you can find anything in seconds

  • Creating DIY plans that you can follow on your own

  • Staging of storage areas such as closets and pantries (or whole house) for real estate photos and showings

Top 4 Most Common Thoughts When Considering Professional Organizing Services

by Liz Fackelman, founder of Davidson Organizing, LLC


I’m overwhelmed.

I get that. I have been there. I am sometimes still there….

The more blessings one has in their life, the more complications they have.  I have 5 adult children.  When they were younger, they provided me with plenty of opportunities to get overwhelmed by the chaos of a complicated life.  

The key is baby steps. One step at a time. Organize one small area and celebrate! Most of all, know you aren’t alone!  


Embrace “GOOD ENOUGH”.  “Good enough”, for me, means I can find stuff, the chaos of my life is manageable, and I like living in my home (and having friends over). My “good enough” home isn’t as organized as the photos in Real Simple magazine. My “good enough” processes and strategies work for me, but they won’t earn me a spot on the Clean Freaks TV show. Communicate with me about what “good enough” means to you so that I understand your goals.  

If we are staging your home for resale, you will probably want your storage spaces to WOW potential buyers touring your house. The hidden message is that in buying your house, they are buying your organized lifestyle and the magical linen closet that organizes itself. Just kidding.

Which of these resonates with you?


I’m embarrassed. 

There is no need to apologize for messiness. Disorganization is not a character flaw. I’m here to help, not to judge. I assure you that I have seen worse.  Most importantly, when I walk into a space, I don’t see chaos – I see the possibilities. Sculptors see the art hiding inside a lump of clay. I see your disorder as an opportunity to organize, categorize, and make home life more efficient.  It’s a puzzle to be solved. It’s the way I’m wired and it’s my gift to you. Lastly, my code of ethics ensures complete confidentiality.  


If your concern is because we know each other, perhaps you would feel more comfortable working with one of my colleagues.  Just let me know and I’ll give you the appropriate referral.


I should be able to get organized myself.

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Here are just some of the factors that make an organized home next to impossible to achieve without outside help.   

  • Situational: lack of time, new baby, uncooperative family members, life crisis, temporary physical/mental/emotional disabilities. You cannot change this situation, but you can hire a professional organizer.

  • Lack of interest: Many people feel about organizing as I do about auto mechanics. I have no interest in learning how to repair or even maintain my vehicle.  But since it must be done in order for my car to serve its function, I have someone else do it. Don’t feel guilty and use the “should” word. Not everyone is interested in organizing. But we all need a home that serves its purpose. I love organizing; let me help.    

  • Chronic disorganization / ADD / Hoarding:  If you have never had an organized home and the other areas of your life are disorganized as well, I encourage you to take one of the online assessments in my Resource area. The good news is that there are organizing techniques that will work well for you. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, I may refer you to specialists to assist with the emotional aspects that I am not qualified to address. You can choose to have me do all the work mostly independently.  Or, you can choose for us to work together, in which, as your organizational coach, I will listen, observe, and find the skills within you. That’s right. Professional organizers are trained to pull answers out of you, not push our answers onto you.  

  • Lack of skills: This is the easiest one to address! Organizing sessions will train you in the skills you need. It’s fun to learn new tips and innovative ways to use everyday objects. As a professional organizer, I will teach you techniques that work for your personality, lifestyle, and the factor contributing to your disorganization.


It will cost too much.

Your time is “expensive” too. How much time are you wasting trying to find things? Getting sick because of stress is expensive. How much stress is your stuff causing you? Clutter wastes valuable space and precious emotional energy.  Consider these sessions an investment in yourself that will pay back with peace, simplicity, and productivity.  

Please let me help you get started!

  1. Complete the online Client Intake Form to get started with a free phone consultation.

  2. Complete your online Scorecard to get started on organizing your office.

  3. Email to ask a question.

  4. Learn more about how working with a collectibles advisor with The Keys Guild can benefit you

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